Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leni Riefenstahl is Rolling in her Grave

As noted by fellow blogger, Perfect Impertinence, it appears that Sarah Palin may really be considering a run for the presidency. Apparently, she has had a documentary produced that will show her in a new, shining light. Her Triumph of the Will copycat, The Undefeated, is produced by "[Stephen K. Bannon], a former naval officer and ex-Goldman Sachs banker, [who] sees his documentary as the first step in Palin's effort to rebuild her image in the eyes of voters who may have soured on her, yet might reconsider if old caricatures begin to fade. The film will also appeal to staunch Palin supporters who have long celebrated her biting rhetoric and conservative populism yet know little about her record in Alaska and have perhaps written her off as presidential material."

It's going to take a lot for any documentary to obsure her regular, unscripted mishaps and weird visions of Russia.

Mother Jones has more.

Here's an earlier, adoring video of our heroine for my reader's amusement.

h/t TPM

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