Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Badger Blogger Commenter Forgot One Thing

This is a comment from someone regarding President Obama's release of his long-form birth certificate. (unedited)

It seemed right to question BHO's place of birth because at his core he just seems, well, so foreign, so removed, so non-patriotic. Nothing he's done since inauguration lessens the gut feeling that there's just something not right about him as Commander in Chief. It's not really the lack of experience that has me uneasy (although its a serious flaw in him) it's just that nagging feeling I have that he just doesn't love America and doesn't at all mind our descent into third world status. Does he look in awe at a Grand Canyon sunset and thank the stars above he was born an American? Isn't that what was missing in today's press conference. "I was born in Hawaii and thank God I'm an American." "I'm so proud to be an American." It's my not ever hearing this from him that makes me uneasy and suspicious...

My gosh, what a load of tripe. Let me make it easier for anonymous and answer its questions, from its darkest corner of its mind.

It seemed so right to question the President's place of birth. (cause he's black).

Does he look in awe at sunsets? (cause you know, he's black)

He doesn't love America. (he's black)

He doesn't mind our descent to third world status. (because he's black)

He seems so non-patriotic. (black thing)

Conservatives have gotten so good at not admitting the truth that they can't even be honest with themselves.

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