Sunday, March 27, 2011

Greed or Just Stupid?

Today just 400 Americans have the same wealth as half of all Americans combined.

And somehow, teabaggers think this is alright.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Send Me the Money. Amen!

I finished reading the piece in Forbes about Tim Phillips, head of Americans for Prosperity (thx Motley Cow), was disgusted, but thinking there was really nothing I could do, turned off the computer and started looking at the mail I had received. Got to love Christians like Phillips and the clowns who sent me this latest attempt at screwing me for money. This isn't even clever ....

Dear Jesus,

We pray that you will bless someone in this home spiritually, physically & financially. And please dear Lord, bless the one whose hands open this letter. Make good changes in this one's life and give them the desires of their heart. We pray over and bless this letter in your holy name. Amen.

Inside, I'm impressed to find a paper Bible Faith Prayer Rug. They say it is being placed in my care to be used immediately and then passed on to someone else who needs a blessing. Good grief.

Best of all, if I return the rug in the postage-paid envelope provided (how generous) I also have the opportunity to ask that St. Matthews pray to God to bless me with money (any amount). Of course, it's suggested that I provide a seed gift (any amount).

Christians that are most vociferous about the Christain faith, those who wear in on their sleeves so all can see their piousness (and those silly fish decals on cars) are the people I disdain most. Tim Phillips is one of these types of people as well as most SE Wisconsin conservative bloggers.

At least Islam promises something a little more fun.

Which reminds me before I post this about something Cal Thomas, one of my favorite fire-breathers, wrote a bit ago. He was writing about the increasing level of hate speech permeating politics. Specifically, he thought comparing conservatives to Nazis was uncalled for ... after all, he said (paraphrasing), when JFK was shot by Oswald, a Communist, we didn't blame liberals.

Really? Apparently, it's only hate speech if it's true.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Backtracking Again

The Journal Sentinel's backtracking is complete. In today's editorial they heap shame on Republican efforts to "save the house by burning it down". The editorial board finally admits these efforts are extreme. And yet, they have the audacity to say Senate Democrats should not have fled the state; that their move set a precedent for similar actions by future Republicans.

Two things: If the Democrats had not left, the JS would not have needed to backtrack, looking foolish while doing so.

Oh darn.

And, I somehow doubt there will ever be an issue appoaching the severity and extremism of the calculated moves by the current herd of right-wingers which would cause future conservatives to scatter. What? They're going to get huffy if the wealthy are asked to pay a bit more to help the state? Let's see those hordes of wealthy people come crashing down on the Capital. Both the Repugs and their rich constituency would be laughing stocks.