Friday, January 27, 2012

It Was the Monkey's Fault

I'll bet Tennessee State Senator Stacy Campbell and Dad29 would agree on just about everything the other conjures. Both are a couple of homo-hating slugs.

I bet the man-love that would pour out from an imaginary meeting of these two protozoans would overwhelm the sewer system.

Maybe There is a God

Rick Santorum comes closer to calling it quits. One can hope, though as Republican nominee he would almost certainly have handed the election to President Obama.

Conservatives and the Politics of Racism

I was reading Leonard Pitts' column about Newt Gingrich and his embracing what Pitts' called "practicing the politics of racism." Gingrich is especially good at this as are local conservatives, especially bloggers (remember Fred Dooley and his stimulus package). It was this final paragraph that really caught my attention. Pitts' recounts a parable that was shared with him by a student of his.

A rich white man sits with a poor white man and poor black man at a table laden with cookies. The rich white man snatches all the cookies but one, then turns to the poor white man and says, 'Watch out for that darky. I think he wants to take your cookie."

Channeling Fred Dooley and Charlie Sykes?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Damn Poor People

This paragraph is too good. From Sadly No! finally comes the real reason why the Democratic Party and the poor are so at odds. It's because libs support public transportation and you know what that will lead to ....

Whoomp, there it is: the mac and cheese argument. Air-conditioned public buses will make the poor want to stay poor forever because they can get on an air-conditioned bus anytime they want and luxuriate their lives away rather than working hard to buy their own air-conditioned car. If you made all poor people walk to work, every single fucking one of them would be richer than the Koch Brothers in just a few months.

If only I had known. It all makes sense now.

More Voter Fraud Exposed

Maybe they had a point all along.

Voter Fraud Exposed