Monday, April 28, 2008

Not Just for Protection

A member of the Iranian judiciary, proving that in substance and intelligence he is not much different than some of his U.S counterparts, today said that Barbie dolls were a destructive cultural source and importation was dangerous.

Twelve years prior to this justice's leap from reality, “the head of a government-backed children's agency called Barbie a “Trojan horse” sneaking in Western influences such as makeup and revealing clothes.”

It's been rumored that President Bush, upon hearing of this official's condemnation of Barbie and his analogy to the equine which assisted in the fall of Troy, became very excited and urged the Joint Chiefs to start looking for little soldiers which could be packed into the orifices of Barbie dolls and sent to Iran as an invasion force. One source remembers Bush, with all due seriousness, stating, What self-respecting man didn't wish to be inside Barbie.”

It is also rumored that conservatives who were amongst the most vocal supporters of the Iraq debacle, but who themselves never served, were enlisting in droves.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Radar Love

Found a new toy.

For the cop sitting in our driveway pulling over the speeders on Fiebrantz. Here is the long version of Radar Love by the Dutch group, Golden Earring.

Iron Butterfly - Redux

Found the long version. This song was especially fine when visiting other astral planes ... when I was younger.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Iron Butterfly

And ... here is Iron Butterfly. This from an outdoor concert in 1999. The drum solo is not nearly as good as on the album, but the rest is good. This version is only about 10 minutes. I've got to find the original.

Dick Cavett ... Alive and Well

Courtesy of the illusory one, the one who no longer hides in the electronic shadows of anonymity, and now is visible at Wednesday night drinking soirees (sorry I missed that one) and elsewhere ... anyway, Dick Cavett has a blog! And I thought him dead.

I remember as a young teenager spending quality moments with my insanely hip (hey, she bought In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly ... isn't that drum solo one of the best ever?) together mom as we laughed at the banter of Cavett. His show was a singularly intelligent blip in a televsion world of laugh ins, hillbillys, and loco naval commanders (all shows I enjoyed, btw).

Oh if only there were something similar to entertain ... alas, there is only Hannity and O'Reilly. Cavett's show was ended because of declining ratings. Hannity's and O'Reilly's continue strong. Says something , doesn't it.

Ah, but there is his blog. And I now have created a link. Glorious day.

Friday, April 25, 2008

One Ear Look Making a Comeback?

Absinthe makes its return to Milwaukee. Can a rise in emergency room visits be far off? From JS Online:

Scott Williams thinks absinthe fits in perfectly with the French atmosphere of Lake Park Bistro, where he is the general manager - and, for this night anyway, chief merrymaker.

For 95 years, the licorice-tasting liquor has been in exile. So Williams is more than happy to introduce the drink to his Milwaukee clientele.

He stands behind an elegant absinthe fountain, a clear vessel filled with ice and water and surrounded by four spigots.

To serve absinthe, he pours two ounces of the liquor into a glass and positions it under a spigot. He places a slotted spoon on top of the glass and a sugar cube on top of the spoon, then he opens the spigot. Cold water eases over the sugar cube and into the glass, dissolving the cube and sweetening the licorice-tasting liquor and revealing the herb-based alcohol's pale green color.

I see turtles.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oops, I Did It Again

How convenient, or, how soon they forget.

Peter DiGaudio of Texas Hold'em Blogger takes the irrational behavior of one fool and projects it onto the thousands of progressives who believe in what they espouse with nary a violent thought. This from the man who thought it personable to walk up to a family of Hispanics who were speaking Spanish, tell them to speak English and call them chattering chihuahuas.

Oh the humanity.

And no, I know for a fact that the majority of conservatives do not agree with Peter's mad meanderings. Though, many do.

The Naked Truth

Word has it they tried to get what his name, Scoop Dogg, to headline this show, but he insisted on clothing the galaxies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're Just More Honest

As Owen would say: "Heh."

Wisconsinites drive under the influence of alcohol - or, at least, admit to it - at a higher rate than the residents of any other state, a newly released federal study shows.

More than 26% of Wisconsin adults 18 and older told government researchers in massive nationwide surveys that they had driven under the influence in the previous year.

Not only was that the highest percentage of any state, it was more than 70% above the national average, 15.1%.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Response to Brookfield Director of Public Works

I've already received a response from Thomas Grisa, Director of Public Works for Brookfield. He writes of a "traffic calming policy" that is in the works and may become effective in a couple of months. My reply to his politically correct, do nothing response is below.

Mr. Grisa,

Your response is no different than those I received previously. In fact, I dare say it's identical to the one I received last summer regarding calming policies. A couple of months from now? With luck there won't be any fatalities. I have posted my previous letter at my blog ( and at James Wigderson's ( While mine won't likely garner much attention, I can assure you that James' will as he is also a Waukesha Freeman columnist and his blog is one of the most widely read in SE Wisconsin.

I'm sorry, but your politically correct response just won't do. I would like some more immediate action taken to ensure no other child is injured by reckless drivers on Fiebrantz.

Timothy Rock

Do Nothing City Officials in Brookfield

Below is the text of an email I sent to the Brookfield City Hall. My daughter, Abby, was involved in an accident with an auto on our street yesterday, The main culprit was excessive speed in a residential area ... and I don't mean my seven-year old. Fortunately, Abby is fine.

I could use the help of any Brookfield residents who may read this. For three years I have been exhorting Brookfield to do something. Instead they send out their digital speed monitors and a police lieutenant who obliquely suggests I should watch my speed. Someone will be seriously hurt someday.

To Whom it may concern (again):

I have written previously of my concerns regarding the automobile speeds on Fiebrantz Drive, specifically the portion north of Keefe Avenue. I have written of the changing demographics for this section of Fiebrantz. What was once predominantly elderly is now increasingly populated with young families, and consequently many children -- approx 20 -- all under the age of twelve. I have written that the average speed of Fiebrantz is well above the posted speed limit. I have written of my investigation that much of the speeding traffic can be attributed to three things: Lamplighter subdivision commuters, Elite Gym and people taking a shortcut to avoid the stoplights on Lilly and Capital.

I have written in the past that an accident was just waiting to happen, especially this time of year when the kids, after a winter of hibernation are out and about, using up restless energy. I have been told there is no problem on Fiebrantz by our esteemed police chief. I have been told by the current alderman that he was aware of the issues of Lamplighter commuters (nothing changed), and I have been told by the city engineer that signs aren't really effective. Some effort.

Well, yesterday, as I suspected would happen, an accident did occur. I was walking our infant daughter and our dog down the hill. My seven-year old was ahead on her bike (there were numerous other children on the road, but none were involved in the accident that occurred). A van came speeding by me in excess of the speed limit. Another car was coming in the opposite direction ... again, above the posted limit (did they not see these kids?). I yelled ahead to my daughter. She became frightened and lost control of her bike. She fell into one of the drainage ditches ... I guess fortunately. The van didn't swerve much ... it couldn't because both autos tried to squeeze through. The van slowed a bit and then continued on.

I ran ahead with my young daughter and dog to find my other child screaming. Upon investigastion I was taken aback to see a huge, ugly lump just above her right eye. I gathered her up, called her mother and after passing my daughter to my wife, took Abby to Children's Hospital where it was determined she had not suffered any brain damage or other debilitating damage. Fortunately.

My daughter just missed hitting her head on one of the drainage pipes. I shudder to think of the damage that would have caused her. Last night as I held her, tears came to my eyes ... but there was rage, too.

I am a regular blogger and I can tell you that I am going to post this. Many of my readers are Waukesha county residents. I am tired of this issue being blown off. I don't care what you do, but I want some action taken regarding speeds on Fiebrantz, and I don't mean putting up the digital speed reminder. Something substantial.

I am willing to listen to ideas.

Timothy Rock

Friday, April 18, 2008

It Was Indeed Criminal

With thanks to Tom Tomorrow and Illusory Tenant.

"I don't know if the number is 30%, 60%, 80% or 90%. I'm unaware of any study that contradicts those numbers." -- Mike Gableman

Click on cartoon to enlarge.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Man Is An Island

... though this guy comes close. Check out the island he built using thousands of plastic bottles.

Drug 'em High

Let the executions continue. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote:

We ... agree that petitioners have not carried their burden of showing that the risk of pain from maladministration of a concededly humane lethal injection protocol, and the failure to adopt untried and untested alternatives, constitute cruel and unusual punishment ....”

Someone please explain to me how lethal injections are “concededly humane” when ...

... executions elsewhere, in Florida and Ohio, took much longer than usual, with strong indications that the prisoners suffered severe pain in the process. Workers had trouble inserting the IV lines that are used to deliver the drugs.

Another black day for America. We shouldn't be proud that our nation stands with these paragons of decency: China, Eqypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Palestinian Authority. Not one single Western nation (you know, the civilized nations) carries out executions anymore, except the United States.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Temporary Sad News

Our neighbor, Elaine, whom I wrote of a couple days ago passed away quietly late Sunday night with her husband and children there to guide her sweet soul. She is off to be young again.

I will miss her, though, in this life.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Short Week Review

It's late Saturday night. Nothing of real importance to blog about so I will blog about the couple things on my mind before I hit the sack. More than enough anyway.

Kelly and I and the baby went to visit friends earlier this evening. While there I picked up a copy of Masters of Orion 2, one of the best computer games ever made in my opinion. My copy had become too scratched to load some time ago and I did not feel like doing a digital download for $9.99 until I explored all options. Greg had a copy, now if only I can figure out why I cannot load the version 1.31 patch. Can't wait to tackle those Antarans again, plus it's a great multi-player online game.

Thursday morning, Kelly alerted me to an ambulance and fire engine parked across the street at our neighbors. I later learned that Elaine, the block grandma for virtually every kid in the area had suffered a stroke. She is one of the kindest women I've ever known. Her husband, Don, is quite special too. Kelly and I took the baby there early this afternoon to see how Don was holding up. There is not much hope, but was told no one is giving up. Don told me they have lowered her temperature to just above freezing, however he was not sure what that was intended to do. He did say that he was told that just five years ago this kind of stroke would likely have been considered lethal. Our thoughts are with Elaine, Don and their family.

Oddly enough, later that day about 1:00 pm I began feeling uncomfortable. I checked my heart rate and it felt irregular, and I was beginning to feel pressure in my chest and neck. After about twenty minutes I decided I should call my wife. I got up and nearly fell. Fortunately she was by the phone and left immediately, but not until after getting a promise I would dial 911 if I felt any worse.

She took me to Froedert where it was determined I was suffering from the same ailment as back in Sept. 2006 ... my heartbeat continued to be irregular, but more ominously, it had sped to 170 beats a minute. They considered dosing me with a drug that actually stops the heart momentarily. I was not in favor of this. They injected me with this drug in Sept. 2006 and it was extremely unpleasant. Imagine that all blood circulation has ceased. Beginning at the extremities, a feeling of approaching blackness occurs ... then it's gone. Back to normal. I imagine this is what death might feel like ... blackness overwhelms, a shudder, then you're gone.

Anyway, the idea is to restart the heart, kind of like pressing restart on a computer. Fortunately this time, my heart went back into rhythm after about an hour. I was allowed to go home, but now must contact a cardiologist. A younger brother has this and now has a pacemaker. Don't want that.

So, now it is time to sleep. Sleep well readers one and two.

I hope to get to my ideas on the meaning of racism and why the right doesn't seem to get it later this week.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg

I saw saw a post at Pundit Nation regarding the failing career of Tom Cruise and his most recent endeavor playing the role of Colonel Claus Phillipp Maria Schenck Graf von Stauffenberg, one of the leaders of the failed July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler.

While I can appreciate Michael's thoughts that Cruise dressing up in Nazi regalia might have a detrimental effect on his career, I would like to see this movie, if it ever makes it to the silver screen.

It was Stauffenberg who accepted the task to deliver the bomb to Hitler's headquarters deep in East Prussia, leave it and make his escape by plane and assist in Operation Valkyrie, which involved the subsequent take over of the German government and sueing for peace with the Western Allies.

It has been determined that the explosion did not kill Hitler because the meeting Stauffenberg was attending was moved from Hitler's underground bunker to a briefing hut, one that contained windows. If the bomb had detonated underground, it is likely Hitler would have perished because the blast would have been contained. As it was, the blast was directed out the windows. Additionally, the bomb was placed on the opposite side of a large and thick table leg, thereby shielding Hitler further from the blast.

Read more here at Wikipedia. I also recommend William Shirer's “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” and John Toland's biography of Adolf Hitler.

Back Again

Well, that was a weird vacation. Blogger thought that this blog was a spam blog and stopped access to it for about a week while they researched. I could have assured them it was not true, but what the hey. I had other things to do.

But I'm back again. It would have been nice to have received an email that the block had been reoved, though.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Explanation for Two Ambitious Men

I didn't have to wait long. Even Xoff was put off by the juxtapositioning of the pictures of Scott Walker and Adolph Hitler. Unsettling, huh?

Of course I was not really comparing the two. For as much as I dislike Scott Walker's politics, I suspect down deep he is a decent person, loves his family, etc. But the reaction was interesting. Nothing was said. I merely stated that both men were ambitious. What is not true about that statement?

And yet, the contrast of the two pictures elicited in a very short time visceral reactions. Tell me that the Gableman campaign did not know exactly what they were doing when they juxtaposed a picture of Justice Butler next to that of a sex offender who also happened to be the same race as Butler?

Apologies to anyone offended. However, apologies from every single conservative blogger, lawmakers and quasi-journalists who ignored the real fact that race did play a role in that ad should be forthcoming as well.

Ongoing discussion at Whallah where this post and the previous one were cross=posted.

Supreme Injustice

Comment from Mike Gableman in today's JournalSentinel regarding his victory on the Supreme Court race:

"I recognize this is not a moment of individual victory . . . it's a victory for all the people across this state, all the good people who are dedicated to seeing justice done," Gableman said.

Ah yes. And then there are the rest of us, those not as good who constantly yearn for injustice. What an ass.

Two Ambitious Men

More later ....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Five Years From Now

As always, apologies to Tom Tomorrow.

Address Flipflopping

For those who are interested ... you will need to change link information. The BRASS League blog, which formerly used the address of my old blog (The Other Side of My Mouth), has a new address. It is

The Other Side of My Mouth address has been reinstated for this blog.

I'm Back

Yes indeed, I am back. This site is under construction and it might take a while. Still, I'm glad to have re-entered the bloggysphere. More later.