Monday, May 2, 2011

Banned Again

Well, Fred Dooley of Real Debate (THAT is debatable) has blocked me again. I suppose asking how his watermelons were growing was a little mean. But hey, I was responding to another of his gems labeled under the "hate left" moniker and couldn't help myself.

Seriously, anyone who comes up with the excuse he was under the influence of doctor-provided drugs when he released a tweet regarding the stimulus package containing watermelon seeds, fried chicken, etc., really needs to look closely at himself.

By the way, one of Fred's favorite tactics is to call someone a hypocrite if that person does not spend equal time on something that is dear to Fred's heart, like misbehaving lefties. In that light, I don't recall his acting too upset over the picture of President Obama's head superimposed over a baby chimp. Hmmm. Must have been on drugs again, Fred.

Come on, Fred. Admit it. You're a closet racist. Why not come out of the closet?

If you do respond, I won't ban you. I'm not afraid of reading your nonsense.


  1. Running a test to see if I too will be banned.

  2. Heh. Best of luck. It's a badge of honor to be banned by Fred.