Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're So Mean

I've been in a discussion with a fellow over at Wigderson Library & Pub who claims the left is horrible for their sexist and unfair attacks on Ms. Sarah Palin. I have said here that we should not go there regarding attacks on her family, though the rest is fair game. However, my comment to this fellow was the right set the table for unfair attacks and that basically, “What comes around goes around.”

Well, he disagrees and asked for specific instances of the right being guilty of anything – a silly retort if there ever was considering one would have to be completely blind, deaf and dumb to think the right was guiltless. All right, that's a legitimate description of most conservatives during an election cycle, including my friend, James Wigderson, a decent guy who catches the bug with the best of them. But here is a short little clip that helps to the clarify the hypocrisy that is modern conservatism and Republicans.

h/t Pundit Nation


  1. Seems to me, that BOTH sides are pretty much hypocrites, wouldn't you say?

  2. Hi Bill, good to hear from you again. Frankly, it's not my job to worry about my side. I will do anything to ensure that Republicans are not in power after Nov. 4th. They have tried their damndest to ruin this fine country. For all the soaring rhetoric about country first, when it comes right down to it, Republicans care only about their pocketbooks and don't give a damn about America.

  3. Well, that settles it.

    Happy to hear that no (D) has any interest in their own pocketbook.

    ......Pelosi. Doyle. Obama. All (D) beneficiaries of A-D-M (Clinton, Carter, and dozens of congresscritters...)

    And those are the RECENT ones...

  4. Wow, Tim. Never thought I'd hear that from you. Sorry man. I'll go away.

  5. You've said before you are not a Republican. What's the issue? And anyway, tell me who is being hypocritical.

    Friends don't run, by the way.

  6. Not running Tim. I'm your friend, that won't change. I'm just not reading here until after the election. If you can't see the problems on BOTH sides, then nothing I say here will be of any use. I guess you and I will just have to try to avoid politics, at least for now. I'll email ya later.