Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We Should Not Go There

I'm not sure what the big deal is whether Sarah Palin was vetted comprehensively or even as much as the male contenders for the vice presidential nod. Who cares? Ultimately, in this case, it was McCain's decision. He could have selected a moose if he had wanted, though I think questions of his sanity would have been appropriate (still are).

It does appear the media is taking on a bit more of a role than necessary. Questions of her ability to lead, her belief system, etc -- these are legitimate. This other stuff, including the wild speculations about her family, her daughter's pregnancy -- all should be off limits.

The left need not follow the lead of the right in this case. The country is beginning to recognize the right's only motivation is power and they will let nothing stand in their way, even decency. We should not go there and frankly, I think this is all a setup to rile the Republican herd anyway.

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