Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Conservative Base

To those who think it's somehow funny to use Barack Obama's middle name, here is a short little video that demonstates your level of maturity. Since most of the conservative blogosphere does it -- well, here's looking at you.

Thanks to Patrick in the comment section who directed me to this video.


  1. Oops, she's a Hillary supporter, not a conservative. Nice try, though!


  2. Yeah, I know. She is. The other two, though ....

  3. the conservative base isn’t necessarily conservative. education requires money - tax money - and we’re all aware that unless a nonsensical war or the socialization of big money banks are involved the conservatives are unlikely to pony up. ensuring that large groups of people are unable to afford education promotes ignorance and the ignorant are more likely to knee jerk to the conservative trinity of babies, guns and jesus. and ‘freedom’ can now be added even though we haven’t been in danger of losing our freedom since approximately 1940. while the woman in the video was a hillary supporter her ignorance cannot be disputed.