Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama Yard Sign

Well, just put up our Obama yard sign here in conservative Brookfied. I was back in the house no more than ten minutes when I spotted one of the neighborhood residents, who was walking up the street, spit at the sign.

I went out the door and asked what the issue was. He mumbled something about not liking Obama, then he apologized and continued walking up the street, quickly.

Now, admittedly, this person is just a bit "off". He's also the son of a very fundamentalist family that lives up the street. They've always been friendly though distant. This kid, I think he's 20 or so, has put up home-made and crudely drawn anti-gay marriage signs in his family's front yard in the past, so I guess I'm not entirely surprised by his reaction. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if there will be other reactions from neighbors.

I would think not, everyone is fairly nice around here. I'll take a picture of the sign after I return from taking our 21-month old to her doctor appointment. I hope it will still be in place.


  1. Heh.

    They make great targets, with that "O" and all....

  2. I was surprised the other day when I returned home after work to find that my 9 year old had made his own McCain/Palin sign, which was sitting prominently in the front window. Aren't kids just great!

  3. How long do you think a McCain/Palin sign on say, 12th and Center last? An hour or less?

  4. I don't care about 12th and Center. The post was about my yard sign. You want to do speculating, get your own blog. :)

    btw: Why did you choose 12th and Center? You could just as easily have said Madison. Hmmm.