Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Played for a Fool

by Marge Rock

Well, my son Tim said that I may make a post and write for myself what has been on my mind since Gov. Sarah Palin was asked to be the Vice Presidential nominee. I was puzzled when I heard that Sarah Palin was to be the Republican/Conservative nominee and many thoughts accompanied that puzzlement - until my mind cleared and I realized that the Republican strategists were "playing her for a fool." "Aha" said I, "Karl Rove is behind this!!!"

Well, the next day I had brunch with an influential very conservative friend, and she announced "This was Karl Rove's idea!" - confirming my free-floating belief. "I thought so" I said "I'll bet he's laughing his ass off!" She chuckled and said that they wanted to WIN!

I then added that McCain is such a lackluster candidate - that they needed a "Miss Congeniality" to perk things up. The horror of this is that she doesnt' seem to realize that she is being played for a fool. It appears that she believes that she is up to playing with the BIG BOYS ...and has no clue that under any other circumstances, with a more worthy candidate, there is no way she would have ever been chosen for this position. As a woman of 71 years, I am saddened (a mild word) to see our electoral process jerked around like this. Two years of this has been too much in the first place - and now to hold our election process up to ridicule, in the world, is too much.

Throughout this debacle, Barack Obama has maintained a steady hand - he has run a good campaign, not run up huge debts that will need to be covered by the rest of us. About all we get out of the pundits are jokes and one-sided comments that contradict each other - and they are mostly all on the same side.

Our country is divided - and NO country divided can stand. We deserve whatever comes from all of this.

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