Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts on Yard, Part Two

Spring has sprung and our gardens are bursting forth in color and life. Previously, I wrote of the tasks before us at the beginning of spring. The pictures below will demonstrate how far we've come with the limited resources at our disposal this year.

The fifty or so tulip bulbs that Kelly planted late last fall are reaching the end of their blooming cycle. They kept the yard colorful as we waited for the perennials to start arriving. As you can see the hostas are coming into their own. They'll get much larger.

Kelly spliced a number of the hostas and replanted them in the new garden in the front of the house where the ugly bushes once resided. Additionally, she added ground cover, day lilies and a couple others whose names I've forgotten. We did purchase a bird bath, a bird feeder (the finches love this one) and a hummingbird feeder. No tiny hoverers yet.

We haven't done much to the patio garden in the back other than weed and fertilize. Most of the work was done last year with the laying of the brick boundaries.

We were finally able to get the big garden plot moving after too many weeks of frustrating rain. The ground finally dried enough for me to take the tiller and enlarge the plot by two feet all around. We then took out two of the raised beds and added two larger ones.

We have planted two cherry tomato plants and two husky tomato plants; two jalapena plants; two strawberry plants; half a bed of potatoes and half a bed of onions; beans; zuchini; peas;and an entire 8 x 12 foot bed of flowers that Kelly and the girls picked out.

We're looking forwrd to the next nice weekend. We are adding a stand to the middle of the garden for hanging upside down tomato plants and I want to finish moving the stones from the other garden on the side of the house to this one for covering the paths between the beds.

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