Sunday, May 31, 2009

Right-Wing Murder Again

AP via JSOnline: Prominent late-term abortion provider George Tiller was shot and killed Sunday in a Wichita church where he was serving as an usher, his attorney said. The gunman fled but a city official said a suspect is in custody.

No doubt at all in my mind that this was done by a right-wing so-called “Christian”. Probably an NRA member or supporter, too. You know, those who think it funny to threaten to meet peaceful Obama workers at the door packing heat, or those who advertise open carry get-togethers even after its discovered white supremacists are making noises about attending, too. By their actions or inactions, these people enable and encourage the nut-right into committing murder.


  1. This is appalling and horrible. It is never right to take the life of another person. Despite the awful things that Tiller has committed himself, he in no way deserved what happened to him. My thoughts and prayers will be with his family as they go through this difficult time.

  2. If the shooter is in fact pro-life and a Christian, it'll be interesting to see how his taking of a life is rationalized in order to attempt to justify his actions.

  3. He's not pro-life. He's anti-abortion and nuts.

  4. "Right Wing Murder Again"

    As opposed to left wing murder? Is right wing murder somehow worse? Or is it just that it happens that much more infrequently that it is worth noting?

  5. "Or is it just that it happens that much more infrequently that it is worth noting?"

    Just the opposite.

  6. The average number of children murdered by abortionists every day is estimated at 3,700.

    So my scorecard for yesterday reads:

    Left wing murders 3,700
    Right wing murders 1

    Even the '27 Yankees Murderers Row never had that lopsided a score.

  7. "Probably an NRA member or supporter, too."

    Gee you left out the fact that he probably supported the definition of marrage as 1 man and 1 woman, didn't buy into the global warming nonsense, and supported enhanced interragtion techniques against terrorist who want to kill us.

    Oh and one other thing you didn't mention. He probably hated abortion and wished there weren't any. Guess you and him had something in common.

  8. That's true only if you believe abortion is murder. Since I don't, you lose.

    "He probably hated abortion and wished there weren't any. Guess you and him had something in common."

    You too?

    Oh, you forgot homophobic, intolerant, greedy, insecure, isolationist, liar -- pretty twisted.

  9. "That's true only if you believe abortion is murder. Since I don't, you lose."

    You are of course are entitled to your belief.

    "homophobic, intolerant, greedy, insecure, isolationist, liar -- pretty twisted." So either you know a great deal about the suspect, are making assumptions that you have no basis for, or you are accusing me of such things. It isn't really clear. Personally I don't care which it is.

  10. No, I would never call you any of those things, even if any were true. However, you did suggest the list was incomplete.

  11. Military Recruiter gunned down in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Now its Left wing murders 3,701, Right wing murders 1. (or 1 to 1 for those of you who fail to recognize the killing of a human as murder).

  12. How would you know a woman had an abortion without interfering in her personal life? And, how many women died because abortion was not a medical option? Pregnancies do go awry. But then of course, it's never about the woman. Which brings up another thought, are you so prescient that you can accurately point a finger, or don't you really care.

    At least I admit that I write these things to be provacative.

    Regarding the military recruiter -- probably a righty, too. You guys are the gun nuts.

    I'm done again because this is stupid. You get the last word.

  13. "How would you know a woman had an abortion without interfering in her personal life?"

    How would police currently solve most murder cases without interferring in the suspects personal life?

    "And, how many women died because abortion was not a medical option?"

    Well, it has been a legal medical option for about 36 years, so I would assume none.

    "But then of course, it's never about the woman."

    You have it wrong. Unlike you, I don't ignore any the lives involved. There are times when the life of the mother is at risk. When medical science is limited to saving only one of the two lives involved, I am fully pro-choice. But lets not pretend that this scenario is anything but a miniscule percenatge of abortions that take place.

  14. Hmm, I guess you are wrong again, Tim. The murderer is a muslim terrorist.
    You have a nice blog site so why do you make such inane comments on other blogs? You are smarter than that.

  15. Dan, you are correct in recognizing the military recruiter as a terrorist. As was the individual who killed Tiller. However, its funny I didn't see the media jumping to find Muslims to interview in order to defend their beliefs as they did with pro-lifers after the Tiller murder. Come to think of it, Obama issued a statement from the White House shortly after Tiller's death condemming the killers actions and support for Tiller's surviving family. Even though he is the Commander-in-Chief, he couldn't be bothered to issue a similar statement in support of the military men who were killed.

  16. Umm, Thumlee, the military recruiters are not terrorists.

  17. My computer has been down and out since Tuesday morning. This is the backup -- I'll not be writing for a few days until the other has been cleansed of virus infection.

    Probably induced by righties. ;)

    I'm kidding, Dan -- just as I was when I said the killer of the military recruiters was probably a righty.

    Why no comparison, Tony? Because abortion divides this country and those who support the right to choose see this as an attack on their rights by a radical fringe. All Americans are disgusted by the murders of the recruiters, but it's just not such a polarizing event as the killing of Tiller.

    I suppose you would have Obama comment about every single murder just to prove your point about abortion opponents getting unfair attention.

    Anyway, this really is the last comment on this from me. Dan, you are certainly welcome. I would look to your own commenting before you throw stones though.

  18. Sorry Dan, I meant the killer of the milatary recruiter, not the recruiters themselves. That would make the rest of the post make sense (to all except the moonbats anyway).

  19. Tim,

    It's been a month, I hope I haven't put you off posting. You will not see any more commentary from me regarding the abortion issue. If you are comfortable with the US Government and society allowing the murder of innocent human lives (and you have previously conceded that unborn children are living humans) if doing so is more convienent for others, then there is not much more I can say about the subject. I shake the proverbial dust from my feet as I leave this place.

  20. My absence has nothing to do with you, Tony. My life has been turned upside down of late. It is highly personal.

    I am comfortable with allowing citizens the right to choose. You can, of course, disagree.

    Hope you are well.