Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Yard

I thought it would be fun to provide before and after pictures of the yard as the season progresses. This first picture is of the north side of the house. Arrayed alternately through the garden are two different varieties of hostas – I'll have to ask Kelly if she knows the names of the varieties. We have been trying to induce vines to grow on the trellis but without much luck. It possible because of a lack of sunlight.

There used to be some huge ugly bushes here in front of the living room windows. I chopped them down late last season and managed to dig out two root systems before winter struck. A bit of work. Once the ground has thawed sufficiently I will remove the others. With finances not as robust as previous years, we are thinking of splicing some of the hostas and replanting in the front; intermingled with flowers for color. Haven't given it much thought yet.

We are in the planning stage for this year's backyard garden. Last year we tried onions and carrots without much success. However, every year is a learning cycle and we now know that we need to add more sand to the soil. This year we plan on trying potatoes and onions, abandoning the carrots. Additionally, we will be planting cherry tomato plants again. Last year's crop was especially tasty. Also, we are going to try the latest fad – upside down tomato plants.

As always the purpose of the backyard garden is to be functional as well as decorative. Consequently, Kelly will be given the options of which flower types to grow. I do know that we will be surrounding the outside of the garden with marigolds again.

I had hoped to built a more permanent enclosure around the garden this year. I was going to plant posts at approximately six foot intervals and insert frames of two x fours with chicken wire stretched over the frames between the posts. I was also going to lay out some flat bricks along the edge for decoration and to provide a buffer for the encroaching grass. Don't know if that will happen.

Anyway, more later as the plans become more fleshed out.


  1. I wonder how well hops would grow? My Uncle Mike made his own beer, though I'm sure none of the materials were homegrown.