Monday, May 11, 2009

From the Influential Blog

This is what passes as commentary at Badger Blogger, supposedly an influential blog.

I hope Wanda Sykes gets gangraped and murdered.
Other conservative blogs aren't much better.


  1. Actually...the entire comment by "Paul" was:

    "Fighting fire with fire:
    I hope Wanda Sykes gets gangraped and murdered."

    I believe he was using the same phrase Sandra Bernhard used against the Palin daughter (I'm sure you denounced Bernhard for that, right Tim?) and substituted "Wanda Sykes'" name...hence the words "Fighting fire with fire..."

    I also believe the point of lambasting Sykes was in response to her public announcement that she wishes Rush Limbaugh's kidneys would fail causing him to die. Another comment I'm sure you disagree with.

    As a moderator, I deleted Paul's comment because it had nothing to do with the topic at hand..."“Open carry” may have saved Racine cyclist’s life… now, he might be charged"

    Just thought I'd set the record straight in the event someone actually visits your blog, but thanks for trashing us just the same!!

  2. A couple things Rollie. May I call you Rollie? It sounds so less impersonal and I feel like we're becoming fast friends.

    I don't know that Sarah Bernhard has a blog, nor that it has been named influential. My concern is SE Wisconsin. I'm sure someone else out there in the seven galaxies that surround our own said something nasty about someone else. Doesn't change the fact the comment was made at Badger Blogger, home incidentally to the always entertaining Gus/Mickey. Another fine addition to BB's reputation.

    Because Sykes said something outrageous is a reason to respond in kind? Only in the conservative world. Regarding Limbaugh's kidneys -- Yes.

    Nice you deleted the comment after it was made note of and nice because it had nothing to do with the topic -- implying you agree with the comment.

    If you notice I long ago took off the stats meter. I truly don't care who comes to this blog. It's my little piece of the electronic world. Mine, I tell you. Harumph harumph.

    You're welcome. Always able and willing to trash you. It's so easy. You provide so much material to work with.

  3. All BS aside...comments made by blog visitors represent the opinion and/or thoughts of the commentor...not the blog's owner and moderators. You can imply all you want by our inaction or lack of comment on a subject...but an implication is not the truth. You have a personal beef with our blog...OK, whatever. Mickey/Gus, and others, have been banned before...but guess what...they come back. Call it the miracle of technology.

    Moderating a blog with many visitors and comments takes time. Time we don't always have. Keep at it Tim...maybe if you write some interesting or provocative stuff, you'll get more traffic. Then we'll see how quick you are to censor others.

  4. Back to the traffic thing. You make an assumption based on no evidence, how conservative of you. I have a very loyal group of followers. We tend to communicate more by the back channels. I also have more interesting and provocative things to do in my life than spend entire days at a keyboard. But then, again, I must lead you to the promised land and reiterate -- couldn't care less. Last I'll say on that subject.

    All blogs have the ability to block by IP address. You could block Gus/Mickey if you wanted.

    Finally and truly: I have nothing against your blog. It provides a service. All the nutballs go there.

    But seriously, if there was less of the "let's smack the liberal commenter around" thingy going on at your blog I suspect more would come there to debate you. I can't say the others would be as engaged, they tend to get just a bit wild-eyed ideological.

    I don't know -- I thought your implication was fairly obvious. Snark.

  5. Your reading comprehension is lacking I'll repeat:

    "Mickey/Gus, and others, have been banned before...but guess what...they come back. Call it the miracle of technology."

  6. Now now, no need to be nasty. My comprehension is just fine. Still, yours is a lame excuse. They may come back, but I don't see you doing much about it like publicly telling them they are not welcome.

    But hey, it's your blog.

    You remain welcome here, especially since we're establishing such a close friendship. Why, I feel like I already know so much about you. ;)

    Seriously, you are a fine writer. It's a shame you waste your talents so. Wiggy is a member here (as am I at his blog). He's vested in his site obviously, but I've written a couple at his, always remembering it's his home, so to speak.

    Still looking for someone who can write well and present conservative viewpoints. But if you want to wallow with the likes of Gus/Mickey, who am I to say differently?

    Anyway, I'm done with this thread. Happy day to you, Roland.

  7. Gee, if Gus/Mickey knew about web proxies, he'd be able to post from a different IP address under a name like "Paul", wouldn't he?

    I sympathize with the thankless work undertaken by any blog owner... but in BB's case, Gus/Mickey has aimed the foulest personal insults at me, and what happens? The other visitors have very rarely posted any comments to rein him in. Maybe Roland has delivered some back-channel reprimands, but Gus/Mickey keeps going. Today Roland zapped some comments because they were off-topic - but not the ones of Gus/Mickey's that claimed my wife was sleeping with the UPS man.

    As for Wanda Sykes, it's a good thing she didn't say the President was pallin' around with terrrrrists, huh?

  8. Other liberal blogs aren't much better either Tim. Its wrong when liberals do it. Its wrong when conservatives do it. Its never right to do the wrong thing. The flying spaghetti monster told me so when I was out at an Italian restaurant this weekend.

  9. Oddly enough, he doesn't like Italian. I think you were seeing some other popular deity.