Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Victim of Hate Radio

Because that's what some conservatives are best at (the victim part). This was posted at Plaisted Writes:

Mike, you bitter devisive hate mongering liberal coward. The hate you and you cowardly liberals have shown Bush (personally) and all things conservative. This country is still solidly center-right. The only thing the nigger has done is assured that Republicans will regain control quicker. When Obamaramma takes current 6.5% unemployment numbers and turns them into 35%, by raising taxes and creating huge government welfatre programs, this country will lynch the nigger faster thana CC Sabathia fastball.
Another tragedy fostered by the divisiveness of hate radio.

I can't help but note that dad29, a local conservative blogger likes to refer to the President-Elect as Obamamamamama. He must be related to the person above. Or, he's a victim, too.


  1. Obmamamamama is a variant of Bushitler

  2. Are you implying you believe in that old childhood argumentative form: Well, he did it first.

    Hey, we all say and write things we regret later, moi included. But to respond similarly just because someone else did it doesn't strike me as very mature.

  3. Don't like equal treatment anymore?

  4. I guess maturity isn't for everybody.

  5. Nor is "maturity."

    I'm rubber, you're glue ....