Monday, October 20, 2008

More Dooley and Pals

Deke Rivers, at his blog Caffeinated Politics, rightly brings up the issue of Rush Limbaugh stoking the flames of racism with his intemperate comments about Colin Powell and his endorsement of Barack Obama for preisdent. A point worthy of discussion. You know, real debate.

But Fred Dooley, headmaster of Dooley and Pals and sycophant author of the hilariously misnamed blog, Real Debate Wisconsin had this to say in rebuttal:

Where’s your report on leftie Ed Shultz approving of vote theft?

I can see a pattern here – so here are some more Fred attempts at real debate.

Blogspot subject: Brett Favre's return from retirement has been a media circus.

Fred's response: When's your next story on blacks in the inner city?

Blogpost subject: It is important the United Sattes return to space and complete the space station.

Fred's response: Where's your story on the proper methods of toe jam removal?

Blogpost subject: Climate change is a serious issue and will effect millions before the end of the next decade.

Fred's response: Where's your story on conservative bloggers exposing themselves as blithering idiots every time they put fingers to keyboard?

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