Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Double Standard

Conservative columnist George Will has finally seen the light.

Appearing at a Senate Press Secretaries Association reception at the Cornerstone Government Affairs office, Will offered a harsh assessment of John McCain's running mate.

Palin is "obviously not qualified to be President," he remarked, describing her interview on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as a "disaster."
A few days ago, a local misogynist blogger, dad29, smugly suggested that Kathleen Parker, a very conservative columnist who also said Sarah Palin was not qualified, should:

Find Mr. Parker and let him have his way with you just once this year.

He also called her a "b-yotch". I wonder if daddio will be just as forthcoming about Will's comments. Of course, daddio will have to pull his head out of his ass to see the keyboard before typing.

h/t Illusory Tenant


  1. You'll note that I referenced the ineffably coiffed G. Will, baseball guru, in one of today's posts.

    He's the male version of B-Yotch Parker.

  2. I see you didn't recommend Mr. Will find Mrs. Will and let her have her way with him.

  3. MRS. Will is not the problem.

  4. Nor was Mr. Parker.

  5. A couple of Washington Republican elitists don't like Palin. So what? I'd be concerned if they did like her.

  6. That's an interesting comment, Dan. I have been amused all campaign by the Republican candidate for President trashing Republicans. Gotta be a first in American history.