Sunday, June 4, 2006

The New Adventures of Underdog

Coming to theatres near you … the continuing saga of Underdog. Some scenes from the movie …

Common conservative blogger: “Good golly, gee whiz, Shoeshine boy. If only Underdog were here. We sure need him to rid our public facilities of video cameras and unwanted citizens of the district. And why, oh why, didn't any liberal bloggers come to my party? I promised to only wound them."

Shoeshine boy: "You're right common conservative blogger. Oh no, by golly, those kinds of people aren’t welcome and, maybe, it was your deodorant.”

Sweet Polly Purebred struts to the side of Shoeshine boy.

Sweet Polly Purebred: “I know, Shoeshine boy and common conservative blogger, we sorely need him. It’s frustrating and, apparently, he’s nowhere to be found. We so desperately need new Autobahns, illegal questioning of applicants for jobs, and I need a high profile job to help my husband, Simon Barsinister, get elected big bad dog on the block.

A car careens and swerves in front of Sweet Polly Purebred and Shoeshine boy, and stops on top of common conservative blogger. Inside is Simon Barsinister, mad scientist, quirky parliamentarian and husband to Sweet Polly Purebred.

Simon Barsinister: “I know what to do, release the hounds, and look to the sky.”

Heroic music and then …

Underdog: “There’s no need to fear! Underdog is here!”


Underdog: State Sen. Tom Reynolds
Shoeshine boy: Peter DiGaudio
Common Conservative Blogger: Chris
Ace reporter Sweet Polly Purebred: Jessica McBride
Mad scientist Simon Barsinister: Paul Bucher

1 comment:

  1. You could just see with their downturned mouths, kicking at the dirty, all bummed out because no leftie bloggers decided to take the right-wing nut BBA Bash test.

    I suppose Chris SH2 would have lets toss his spears at the dirty hippie targets. Maybe we get to take at few swings in moonbat baseball.

    Although I'm curious as to the hats our neighbor blogger Chris OTBL from western Wisconsin -- Hudson -- was passing out. I'm sure they will be a big fashion item up here and will be proudly planted on the heads of the four bloggers at his site who blog up five or six anonymous names each.