Sunday, June 4, 2006


I saw the video of a May 9 town hall meeting held by State Sen. Tom Reynolds (h/t Spivak and Bice) and the first word that came to mind was creepy.

I cannot place his voice. It’s from a movie. I cannot think of the actor’s name or the name of the movie. Anyone out there who can figure it out let me know (actually might be a cartoon character, which would be fitting).

In the meanwhile, I will be at Tom Terrific’s next town hall meeting armed … with my video camera.


  1. Wally Cox, Tim.

    Tom Reynolds is Underdog.

  2. Read your comment, Grumps. Laughed. Then went back upstairs to see the end of Oceans Eleven. While watching it hit me ... damn, you're right. He is Underdog.

    I'm saddened, though. Underdog -- the dog of power -- was one of my favorite superheroes. Wally Cox is rolling over in his grave.