Thursday, June 8, 2006

Conceal Carry Variation

Another reason why conceal carry is a bad idea. In St. Louis, early Wednesday, a woman whose chihuahua puppy had died ...

"... went to the breeder’s home, pushed her way inside and began fighting with the breeder as she tried to make her way to the basement to get another puppy, police said.

The breeder wrestled the woman out of her house to the front porch, where the woman then hit the breeder over the head numerous times with the dead puppy, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, citing police.

As the woman drove away, she waved the dead puppy out of the car’s sunroof and
yelled threats at the breeder, police said. She later called the breeder and threatened her and her family, according to court records."

If this can happen with dead chihuahuas, imagine what a gun would do.

For the entire story, click here.

Below is an example of the new semi-automatic chihuahua that is a favorite of neocons in SE Wisconsin.


  1. Was the chihuahua in this country legally?

    When puppies are outlawed, only outlaws will have puppies.

    They'll take my cold-dead chihuahua from my cold-dead, well you get the idea.

  2. Good thing that she didn't have a knife. She could have done an autopsy of the dog in front of the breeder.

  3. Or, she could have carved up the breeder in front of the dog.

    Hey, is that your picture?

  4. No I got it out of a picture frame from Kohl's - scanned it in and posted it.

    Yes it is me.

  5. Smarty...and I really AM Bob Marley.