Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rethug Rappers Offend Everyone

Here is a video from CPAC - you know the "big tent" Rethuglican clambake where one can be introduced to all sorts of interesting people like white supremacists, misogynists (is dad29 there I wonder?), homophobes, Joseph McCarthy wannabees, and white rappers with no talent who think using the word "knickers" in place of that more inflammatory word (rhymes with jigger) all Rethugs secretly think we should all be able to use with impunity. One attendee (black gentleman) leaves. Listen to the comments directed at him as he leaves.

Oh, those funny rethugs. This line in the comments was classic.

The thing that kills me about the conservative mentality, particularly as often expressed by their younger male co-hort, is their need to steal and co-opt the symbols of oppression to burnish their martyrdom and unfounded feeling of victimhood.

I seem to recall Patrick Dorwin of Badger Blogger attended one of these in the past, or was it that Egg guy? Could be wrong, though it would not surprise me. Remember, too, this is the party Rick Esenberg (shill extraordinaire) supports. Right on, Phil.

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