Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are Conservative "Reporters" Batshit Stupid

I wonder if Politico "reporter" Donovan Slack and local Racine wannabe gauleiter, Fred Dooley, went to the same School of Stupid?

If you recall, back during the last presidential election, Dooley made the fantastic claim that the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party were breaking election law and, horrors, cheating, because of their claim you could bring a registered voter to the polls to vouch for you, enabling you to vote. It was "reporting" at its finest. Even RedState (an extreme right Völkischer Beobachter-type blog) picked up on his story.

A "story" it certainly was because if Dooley had done even a cursory investigation of Wisconsin election law he would have found his claims untrue. Rather than admit his mea culpa like a man, he zapped the post, rendering it past tense.

Now onto Donovan Slack (I wonder if she had Jessica McBride as a teacher).

Anyway, Slack discovered something interesting during President Obama’s visit to unionized Masterlock. Gasp, next to the America flag was a flag for the local Wisconsin 1848. Hilariously, this “reporter” wrote that we now knew where Obama’s sympathies laid.

Aside from the obvious (Obama is a Democrat, dumbass) if our intrepid “reporter” had investigated a bit more she would have found that the flag was actually the Wisconsin State Flag, not the flag for a local union.

In true “conservative” fashion, Politico zapped the post.

'Nuff said.

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