Monday, April 11, 2011

Jeff Wagner Confuses Talking Points

Listening briefly to J-J-Jeff Wagner this afternoon, was struck by his inability to get his talking points right. He was speaking about the listening session and noted that working people were complaining they couldn't make it during the day (referring to unionists). Shortly afterword these same people were referred to as whiners.

I'm stunned that his opinion their being thugs didn't make it into the monoloque (though it might have, I turned off the radio).

Remember this talking point that never enters into anything Jeff says, "I lost to Jim Doyle!" It must be hard to take.


  1. And our wonderful governor has vowed not to let unions take Prosser's Supreme Court victory. It's tough for a union member to have a conversation with a conservative without derisive and divisive monikers thrown our way. Hopefully, it will all be gone within a year...