Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Commenter at Illusory Tenant is ...

... frigging hilarious. And so true. Read on Jim Bouman's comment regarding Kathy Nickolaus and repugs in general.

Nickolaus is just a small cog in the Republican machine in Waukesha County. The County Executive, the DA, The Sheriff, the County Clerk, Clerk of Courts, Register of Deeds, and the County Treasurer control hundreds and hundreds of patronage jobs in the Courthouse.

They're Republicans, they're dull normal, devoid of imagination, cautious, clubby, (country clubby, to be sure) moss-backed, "You scratch my mossback, I'll scratch yours"; they're bad tippers; they're devoid of imagination; they have backyard shrines to the Gipper.

The boldest thing any of 'em do is to abandon their mainline congregations when they start having to listen to liberal female ministers preach about social justice, forcing them to find solace and affirmation at mega-churches that reinforce their small-mindedness.

They are not so schemingly evil that they would actually cook up a plan to steal an election.

They're dullards. Their greatest collective achievement is that they cover for each other. This time they slipped up. They'll ease Nickolaus out of the picture and replace her with a someone who will be a virtual clone, lacking only Kathy's "flub".

I'm still laughing.

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