Sunday, March 29, 2009


This from today's Milwaukee JSOnline in which Judge Randy Koschnick expresses encouragement from the results of a survey.

The late-February poll, conducted by a professional pollster for the MacIver Institute, had Abrahamson leading - by a 41% to 13% margin. But the remaining 46% of those who responded were either undecided or didn't know either candidate. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.

"I think the poll was actually good news," Koschnick said. "She has the advantage of incumbency. I'm the challenger. Heading into the election, I have an excellent chance of winning this race."
A number of things come to mind. Koschnick is being a bit delusional if he thinks trailing by 28 percentage points is an encouraging sign, regardless of the origin of the survey. Plus with no money and no help from outside sources, how does Koschnick expect those 46 percent undecideds to get to know him?

And regarding the origin of the survey, one would have thought the author of the article, Steve Walters, would have identified the pollster and noted that the MacIver Insitute is a far right-wing conservative group.

Just another example of the demise of objective and accurate reporting and how Faux News-like the JournalSentinel has become.


  1. I guess as long he is not mathematically eliminated, he can claim he is not done yet.

    He is sort of like the Detroit Lions of politics.

  2. You are so right about the Journal.

    I thought for sure they would find Tony Evers blatent violation of the law worthy of investigation.

    Unfortunately they chose instead to focus on a moral equivilence to a dim-brained legislator.

    Either way, the Journal is offcially a rag.

  3. Evers' violation wasn't as blatant as you suppose. It is a shame about the JS. We need a reputable press and it does no one any good when it fails in its mission.