Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green Fights Malaria in Africa

Good for Mark Green. Now if only he could get Fred Dooley and Peter DiGaudio to join him.


  1. Hello, Punk.

    Got the guts to meet me and say it to my face like you did on Capper's blog? No? Didn't think so.

    If you have the stones for a face-to-face, I'll be happy to meet you personally to discuss.

    FWIW, I don't think Fred or Peter are against the fight against malaria.

  2. I should not have called you that and for that, I apologize. Still, yeah we can get together and discuss this face-to-face.

    It's just as easy for you to ask whether I have guts as it was for me to call you names.

    So, come on over anytime.

    Regarding Peter and Fred: The request was for them to join him in Africa ... physically.

  3. Donohue's. Elm Grove. 16 Feb 2009, 1500 hours.

  4. I can't on Monday. How about Friday the 13th? Donahue's at 1500 hours?

  5. Can't week is good except for the 19th. Pick a day..1500 is the best time for me.

    You're the 0bama supporter...don't you have any beer bailout money?

  6. It should be part of the bailout. I'm in total agreement on that account.

    Steve: The problem is I'm a stay at home father and have a two-year old to care for.

    Since you know James and we've met previously, I've no problem with you coming here. It's not far from Donohues.

    Email me for the address if interested. The afternoon hours just don't work (Monday I actually have a doctor appointment).

  7. I accept your apology and will move on.

    I don't go to houses with two year olds. It's not good for them to meet their uncle AB at such an early age. I know this as my libtard cousin still has not forgiven me for corrupting her children.

    They are arch conservatives after listening to the wisdom of Uncle AB. Well, that and a few plane rides.

    Besides, I have charters all next week (a very recent development) and then have to go to London and China. Maybe St. Pat's at O'Donohues.

    Be well. Best to you and your lovely wife, and (I'm sure) child.


  8. Be well. Best to you and your lovely wife, and (I'm sure) child.

    That didn't play right. I amend.

    Best to you, your lovely wife and growing family.


  9. Thank you for your acceptance. I would still like to get together sometime. I did enjoy our brief talk at James' 40th. You have my email. Anytime.

    Oh, my kids are already too corrupted to ever consider a wingnut lifestyle. Happy happy.

    My best to you.