Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brown Sugar Unlimited

Really? Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. From the New York Times:

Michael Steele, who was recently elected chairman of the Republican National Committee, paid a Maryland company run by his sister more than $37,000 for work related to his 2006 Senate campaign, a payment that Mr. Steele’s spokesman said Saturday was entirely appropriate.


Mr. Steele did not dispute that his sister’s company, Brown Sugar Unlimited, of Bethesda, Md., had been paid $37,262 by his Senate campaign in February 2007, as federal election records show.
Pretty sweet deal for a catering and web services firm. Odd combination that.

Odder yet, she's an ex-wife of Mike Tyson. You know, the guy who used to box when he wasn't raising pigeons and biting ears off.


  1. Did she put a pic of the Madison skyline into his Maryland web-page?

  2. Heh. Still, Brown Sugar Unlimited does suggest something a little risqué.

  3. Well, yes, it does, if you're inclined to think in sexualized/racist terms.

  4. You just described the Republican Party. Thanks for your honesty, daddio.

  5. Which Republican used the term "risque" in their comment on this site?

  6. I think using the word "risque" hardly rises to the level of indecency of the Republican Party over the years, which was the point of my statement ... not singling you out.

    I think you overreact a bit. If you can really sit there and tell me that Brown Sugar Unlimited might not have some sort of "other" meaning attached to it -- well, I won't believe you.

    That's not to say there was, but hey -- we have both had fun with the other side antics.