Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jocularity at Badger Blogger

While BadgerBlogger, a local conservative blog known for its refined taste in lowbrow pursuits, cannot independently confirm this [and why would it make any effort to do so since its readers are so gullible anyway] sources close to BadgerBlogger (namely BadgerBlogger) have said that the Moon intends to leave Earth orbit later today. The sources base this startling decision on the fact that no tidal effects have been observed in Waukesha County for three weeks and, as of 3:00 pm today, the Moon could not be seen in the sky above Milwaukee. Plus, BadgerBlogger has apparently come into possession of photos of the Moon which suggest the Moon is preparing to depart (one of which is reproduced on the left).

The sources say the Moon has decided to retire because orbiting is getting old. That's it.

BadgerBlogger is also reporting that Pluto, recently downgraded from planetary status, would replace the Moon in the heavens. The sources note that Pluto is much smaller than the soon to be departed Moon. BadgerBlogger is waiting for word on how tides will be affected.

It is also rumored that the DNR may be involved.

No word from the family of Venetia Phair.

Satire. BadgerBlogger is a real blog, however, members have never stated that the Moon will be leaving orbit soon. It is the opinion of this author that its owner and readership are faithfully described.


  1. Sure glad I invested two weeks of my life into a substantive, well-sourced, well-researched story about abuse of the environment by a government agency so that you could amuse yourself.

  2. As well-sourced as the breaking news you provided on Ned Yost's imminent departure? And, you spent two weeks of your life worrying about the dumping of a small amount of toxins by an obviously confused lone DNR worker? You take yourself way too seriously, buddy.

    You are right about one thing, though. I am amused.

  3. Exactly what is your problem with the story, OS?

    There's a photo, plenty of other 'bits and pieces' which add up to a credible narrative--and the admission that THIS HAPPENED.

    I'm not of the opinion that the DNR flunky should be drawn and quartered--but the DNR deserves the flaying it gets for this utterly stupid (and illegal!!) act.

    DNR's attitude has always been that they are right, no matter how wrong they are.

    Look, e.g., at the "settlement" imposed on Mequon and a contractor--after it was absolutely crystal clear that DNR dropped the ball.

    Their response? "So we dropped the ball. You are f^%%$#d, anyway. Pay for it and shut up."

    If that's the sort of Gummint you want, you can always move to PRChina.

  4. I don't have a problem with the fact that some flunky made a mistake and probably should have some sort of punishment meted out. It happens all the time. What I find amusing (see, no problem) is all the time spent on this stupid little story and their other silly attempts at being journalists. I also find humor in their self-important proclamation at the top of their blog. Thus, the satiric piece.

    Your feeble attempt at rebuttal, btw, would be more impressive if you didn't have a history of being anti-DNR.

    And, thank you, but I'll stay here in the good ol' USA. Once again, you have nothing original to add.

  5. It's not hard to be anti-DNR.

    And if you think I have a problem with them, you should check out the folks Up Nort' hey...

  6. I've heard that's true. I would not admit to being a DNR guy up dere. At least not armed (oops ... did I say that?).