Friday, November 30, 2007

Free Speech Still Lives

Amidst the fun of showing that Walid Shoebat is likely a charlatan cooked up by someone on the right to provide some sort of legitimacy to their war against humanity, I forgot to express my disdain for the actions by the UW-Milwaukee administration for attaching an extra fee of $2,500 for security purposes. There have been other speakers who provoked heated reactions. This action seemed punitive and preemptive.

I may not like the Conservative Union's politics, but free speech is guaranteed to all. If the Muslim students have a right to speak (no thanks to hypocrite Charlie Sykes) and Shoebat has a right to speak, then the conservative students have a right to unencumbered speech as well.

Now if only those on the right would understand that criticism of their speech does not equal attempts to censor.

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