Friday, November 16, 2007

Brilliance? Genius? Fred Dooley?

It's as though conservatives have this huge self-image issue so they must go around labeling each other as brilliant or genius. Seriously, keep an eye out for this and you will see it recur over and over.

Now, I like Tom McMahon, he is very clever and has had more than a few interesting posts, but “genius” and “brilliant?” Oh, heck ... yeah, I'd rank Tom right up there with Stephen Hawking and Charles Dickens. It's the weekend and I'm leaving to visit friends, so I'll be generous. Have a great weekend, Tom.


  1. You too, Tim! BTW, I think the word Charlie was really looking for was "smarmy". Easy mistake.

  2. indispensible, a daily must read, always insightful...

  3. We are talking about McMahon?