Friday, January 27, 2006

Blow Hardlys

Both Jessica McBride and 620 WTMJ call-in radio host, Charlie Yikes, like to talk, frequently, about their perception that liberals are all about shutting down freedom of speech...especially when it regards criticism of what they have to say. Jessica and Charlie, how about opening up your blogs to comments and Charlie, get rid of the screeners. Screening out all except those who march in step with you is not freedom of speech, it's Goebbelesque.

What is especially childish is McBride's publishing of a private e-mail to her and her subsequent demeaning comments about the author. If the author had recourse to respond publically, that would be one thing...but in the world of McBride and Yikes...real discourse is forbidden. Why? Because they are both afraid to have real debate.

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