Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Face of Modern Conservatism, Part 5

Rightwing Watch does a yeoman's job keeping up with the nastiness of the conservative side of the political spectrum.  This individual, highlighted at this link, is particularly reprehensible.

On his show last week, [Pete] Santilli went on a disgusting, violent rant in which he called for the entire Bush family and President Obama to be “tried, convicted and shot” for “treason” (and in George H.W. Bush’s case “involvement with his cronies in the John F. Kennedy assassination”) and for Hillary Clinton to be “tried, convicted and shot in the vagina.”
I’m wondering if my friend, James Wigderson, who has previously expressed his dismay that bi-partisan support for a stance he took wasn’t forthcoming will offer his bi-partisan support here and condemn Santelli for his statements ... and others.
Probably not.  He'd be apologizing 24/7.

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