Thursday, May 30, 2013

My brother Kevin Rock, February 11, 1962 - May 26, 2013

Our sweet, giving brother, Kevin Patrick Rock, passed away suddenly Sunday, May 26, 2013.  A resident of Franklin, WI the past three years, Kevin’s life was a series of musical comedies with happy endings for everyone he touched.  For him, life was a song and dance number that needed to be performed loudly, usually with brilliantly naughty lyrics.
No one could make you feel good about yourself as could Kevin … and believe in yourself.  His was a unique talent, fueled by love.
Kevin grew up in various cities, but West Bend is where he spent most of his younger years.  He had a special childhood friend in Ron Reichert, whom he’d known since they were five-years old.  After a brief foray to Florida, where he came out as an openly gay man, Kevin settled in the Milwaukee area where he spent the rest of his life.
In Milwaukee he made a decision that defined his life by attending school and becoming a fabulous hairstylist.  Working first at Malcolm of London, then at Beauty, and finally owning his own successful business at Salon Divine, Kevin’s client list was impressive.  Everyone wanted their hair done by Kevin.  He not only made his clients more beautiful, he was their confidant; he was their friend ... they became family.  He could make them laugh until they wet their pants.
Another defining moment for Kevin was his acceptance of his addictions and his decision to remain sober.  Kevin really worked the AA program as a regular member of the Alano Club and other AA clubs.  He offered help, a shoulder to cry on and even a place to stay.  It just didn’t matter what you needed, Kevin would be there.
Kevin was a showman.  He danced with his mother, Marjorie Rock, in numerous productions, appeared in musicals, sang in show choir, collaborated with another special friend, Diane Bloom, and entertained everyone at the drop of a hat.
Most importantly, Kevin loved his family; and was selfless with his time.  He was dedicated to caring for his parents, was always available to offer sage advice and encouraged everyone.  Kevin never had his own children.  His nieces and nephews were his children and he was there for their birthdays and holidays with his arms full of presents.   Kevin was the glue that kept his siblings connected.  He was never happier than when all five were together.
Kevin is survived by his father John (Bill) Rock – a veteran, with whom Kevin accompanied on the Badger Honor Flight – and his wife Verdeen (Duffy), his siblings Timothy, Kelly (Bruce) Atwell, Thomas (Tammy), Kathryn (Blaine Schultz), Janet Howard, and the Duffy children:  David (Gayle), Jerry (Kathy), Mark, Dan (Kristin), Patricia (John Sternad), and Jackie (Kevin Bacon).  He is further survived by his beloved nieces and nephews:  Benjamin, Haley, Patrick, Brandon, Emily, Andrew, Sammie, Ian, Kiefer, Taylor, Keaton, Abby, the Mighty Quin and Katelyn.  Kevin was preceded in death by his mother, Marjorie, stepfather Don Howard, grandparents Rodney and Janet Kiefer, and A.P. and Helen Rock, and a special friend, Steve Reynolds.
In lieu of flowers, memorials will be accepted to be distributed to the Alano Club.


  1. My condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts to you and your family.

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