Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Republicans Who Have Destroyed Debate

My friend, James Wigderson, piled on yesterday in a post titled “Can Democrats be Taken Seriously.” It’s bad enough that he diminishes the crimes that were committed by Scott Walker associates, some of which were occurring just down the hall from Walker’s office. What’s even more ridiculous (aside from using Media Trackkers as a source ... really, James?) is the attempt, again, to resurrect the silly Dahmer/Walker tweet initiated by then Democratic spokesperson Graeme Zielinski to tarnish Dems as a whole.

As I stated previously at his site, the Zielinski tweets were inartful, and frankly, reprehensible. However, James, like his cohorts on the right, continues to imply the tweets were a direct comparison of the two when in fact Zielinski was comparing the legal teams employed by the two individuals. Walker’s defense fund and the legal representation he employed were unprecedented for a sitting governor who claimed he had nothing to fear. One can’t help but wonder if the lips of Tim Russell, Kathy Reindfleisch and the others weren’t sewn shut with golden thread.

You want to know what’s more reprehensible? It’s Scott Walker comparing himself as a wounded victim, because of the anti-Walker policy protests, to Gabby Giffords, the actually headshot-wounded representative from Arizona. Again frankly, Giffords is a hero, Walker is not. To even try to compare himself favorably to the grievously wounded Giffords is pathetic. For James to not see the difference is sad.

In reality it’s the Republicans who have lowered the quality of political debate and done their utmost to be as partisan as possible. It’s Republicans who have gone after citizens – actual citizens of this state – and attacked their means of employment, tried to suppress their voting rights, and illegally gerrymandered districts to ensure a Republican majority though the majority voted against Republicans in the last election.

The day your side stops directly assaulting the rights of Wisconsin citizens is the day we can talk.

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