Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

On rare occasions I purchase the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just to see what's going on. Three items from the Nov. 11 edition made enough of an impression for me to comment (And no, I'm not providing links. It was the print version. Look them up yourself.)

The Petulant David Clarke
The first was a story about a federal lawsuit filed against the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Republican Democrat David Clarke. Sgt. Rich Graber has alleged his constitutional rights were violated in the suit.

What bothers me is Graber claims Clarke went on an expletive-filled rant during a meeting with Graber. Clarke admits using profanity. Really, how long should Milwaukee put up with this clownish buffoon? Clarke is like a toddler that throws a tantrum if it doesn't get it's way, often flying to Charlie Sykes to tell his side of the story, which usually is filled with lies. And, in the business world, how long do you think a supervisor would last if the Human Resources Department discovered this sort of behavior?

Idiot Savant Krysta Sutterfield
This woman appears to have no other talents than to wear her toy holster around in public. She walked into a Brookfield church in 2010 (a very liberal church) openly wearing her toy, was arrested, and in a settlement after the incident, received $7,500. Now she's been arrested for loitering, prowling and resisting arrest -- armed again, of course. She must be short of money.

New Berlin Resident is Dumb
And finally, from the Letters section comes Maggie Brieske of Brookfield. She suggests new strict voting rules for recall elections. Well, only one actually, but let's not let her grammar get in the way. She suggests that only legitimate voters of both parties be allowed to vote.

I'm not sure what that means, but it apparently has something to do with the fact, she claims, the people spoke when Scott Walker was elected governor. How she is so sure of this amazes me. I voted and I certainly did not speak for Walker (another popular conservative talking point is the taxpayers voted for the boy king, but I pay taxes too).

Anyway, she is so refreshed, she claims. She writes, "It is refreshing to see someone in a public office actually walk the walk of what he promised in his campaign." Really. So that comment Walker made about "dropping the bomb" (referring to his union-busting scheme) was just a funny.

Sorry, Maggie. If Walker is recalled will you move to Illinois? Please.

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