Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Idiot Christian Conservative Running for Office

When, if ever, will conservatives get it. Apparently not yet in Kentucky (and the case can be made for "never" in Wisconsin). Anyway, Kentucky GOP governor hopeful, David Williams, had this to say about his opponent, Govenor Steve BeShear, sitting down and joining a Hindu religious cermony at a groundbreaking ceremony.

“I just brought to people’s attention that it’s rather odd that a governor that wouldn’t stand up for Bell County’s schools ability to say a prayer before a football game and didn’t want to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, he wanted to call it a holiday tree, and when he was attorney general didn’t want to post the Ten Commandments, climbed down in a pit and to do a Hindu prayer,” Williams said.

Let me repeat this again (it's been said countless times): The groundbreaking ceremony was private. It had no relation to government interference by religious groups. Saying a prayer at a public school football game, or not posting the Ten Commandments in a public building are entirely different from accepting a request to sit in on a religious celebration put on by a private firm which happens to be based in India (a largely Hindu nation).

Oh by the way, according to TPM, the plant represents a $180 million investment, and is expected to create 250 jobs in Kentucky.

Williams also suggested he was just doing his part in supporting Christianity, because you know, everyone is down on Christians these days. Except for the 2.1 billion who "claim" they are Christians, more than any other faith in the world. Those poor, downtrodden Christians.

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