Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's Go a Noodling

In a previous post about atheism, and Pastafarianism, one of the commenters wrote a tongue -in-cheek reply that caused me to inquire whether the author was "noodling" me. Having written that, I wondered whether there wasn't some sort of other meaning to the word noodling, in the same manner as the sexually explicit word -- teabagging -- which right-wingers latched onto cluelessly to describe the actions they took for their failed protestations on Tax Day this year.

Ah ha. There is, though fortunately not embarrassingly (I still shudder to think of Fred Dooley teabagging anyone). From Wikipedia:

Noodling is a southern US practice of fishing for catfish using only bare hands. Many other names, such as catfisting, grabbling, graveling, hogging, dogging, gurgling, tickling and stumping, are used in different regions for the same activity. Noodling is currently legal in eleven states. The term "noodling", although today used primarily towards the capture of flathead catfish, can and has been applied to all hand fishing methods, regardless of the method or species of fish sought. Noodling as a term has also been applied to various unconventional methods of fishing, such as any which do not use bait, rod & reel, speargun, etc., but this usage is much less common.
I'll just purchase them at a store, thank you.

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  1. Fred wasn't an ardent teabagger so he gave out monogrammed balls at the Racine event.