Monday, April 27, 2009

Invasion of the Odd Parents

Our daughter, Quin, was visited by an odd couple on Sunday who claimed to be her parents. She grabbed the phone, but not knowing how to dial 911, acquiesced in the end to having her picture taken with them.

That's it for today, though I will be trying to write 30 minutes a day regularly from this point forward. It won't be anything specific and it will probably be link-free mostly because these will be my thoughts and I won't be trying to convince anyone with *proof* or such. I'll leave that to all the serious people. In fact, I may come back and edit things periodically. That's what aspiring writers do. It will sort of be my on-line journal -- saving me paper costs.

One thought does come to mind about the torture discussion. We as a nation have always been good at condemning other countries for their [let's say] lapses in judgment. And yet, when we slip up similarly the sanctimony comes oozing from our national pores. I just think we should be more invested in doing what we say -- perhaps the rest of the world would be more respectful.

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