Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So What!

The psychologically-challenged Peter DiGuadio joined the rest of the conservative blogosphere this morning as they jumped all over Barack Obama's statement that an uncle of his had helped liberate Auschwitz. Doesn't he know that Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz and wait a sec, Obama doesn't have an uncle, they twittered.

In the history of misspeaks, I wonder which will be given more weight for its ability to do harm; Obama's slip or G.W. Bush's premature ejaculation that the mission was somehow accomplished.

I do know this, Obama has come out and corrected himself. It seems that his great uncle, Charlie Payne, was a member of the 89th Infantry Division that liberated Ohrduf camp, which was a part of Buchenwald, not Auschwitz. Obama referred to the wrong camp. On the stump, in the middle of a news conference, with all the pressure of a national campaign on your shoulders and the press hanging on your every word, it's surprising that candidates don't misspeak more often.

But the fact is that a member of Obama's family did help liberate a concentration camp. His family and we Americans should be proud.

I have yet to hear Bush apologize for his gaffe, or, for that matter have I heard that DiGuadio has apologized for referring to a group of Hispanics as chattering chihuahuas. But then, you know the pressure of being in need of immediate psychological therapy must be immense. Get help, Peter. Do it now and then maybe your comments regarding others will be taken half seriously.


  1. OK.

    Then will Obama correct/retract his statement that his birth was a direct result of the Civil Rights march on Selma?

    After all, the march was in 1965.

    Obama was born in 1961.

    OR--will YOU admit that Obama is simply an ignorant panderer?

  2. Oh, by the way: Obama's mother was an ONLY CHILD.

    So how is it that "his uncle" was in WWII?

  3. You need to follow the links, daddio.

    Mr. Payne was Obama's maternal grandmother’s brother ... great uncle.

    His parents were white/black. I suspect he wsn't trying to say that his parent took time out from marching to spring little Obama. Of course, those small minds on the right find it difficult to grasp such concepts like his parents were ahead of their time. But then again, so what?

    Ignorant panderer? Look to your own house and McCain/Hagee (and lest we forget Bob Jones). The bigots all reside with you (generally speaking).

  4. You ought to see how cowardly Peter is when debating issues like alternative energy or mass transit. He puts you on ignore and makes up the weakest excuses.

  5. Obama's SPEECH TEXT said "uncle" not "great-uncle."

    As for pandering: Obmamamamamama's flag-lapel-pin appears when he talks to blue-collar folks and military-heavy audiences, and disappears for the rest of his speeches.

    At least McPain's uniform is uniform.

    Face it: HRC was the better candidate.

  6. lol, daddio. I have some great-uncles, but I never refer to them that way. It's always uncle this or that.

    Has McCain put his pin back on, yet?

    btw: You diminish yourself when you copy DiGuadio. I figure you for more class.

  7. It's spelled DiGaudio, no?

    Cowardly? He banned me quite instantly because I committed the sin of asking him good questions.

    If you like, examine the original thread and the post that got me banned. Previously he'd promoted my works.

    Yipping dogs? What about sex with a horse?

  8. Hey John ... I know how to spell his name. My little response to his name calling shenanigans.

  9. Ah, I see.

    For a while there, I was calling him "P-Diggity" in turn-about play, but he said that hurt his feelings and he asked me to stop, so I did. I think.