Saturday, May 10, 2008

Again With the Heart ... Damn

As I reported almost exactly one month ago, I had to make an emergency visit to Froedert for an irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) and rapid heart rate (tachyardia). Within three hours or so, my heart went back into rhythm and I was sent home.

Well, this past Thursday, it happened again. It was about 6:45 am. I had just gotten back inside from taking the dog for its morning constitutional when I began feeling the familiar symptoms: a knot in the bottom of my throat that soon branched to the rest of my neck and head as an uncomfortable pressure. I checked my pulse and it was erratic. Damn!

I told my wife. She canceled her work day and took me back to Froedert. By this time I was feeling perilously close to passing out. However, by 11:00 am, my heart was back into rhythm (with the help of some meds delivered by IV). However, I was informed this time my stay was to be overnight, at least.

Anyway, again, I'm fine. All tests showed that the heart is in good shape physically, and blood pressure is fine, too. I am now taking a med that will help keep my heart rate normal, though the heart may go into irregular beats again. That one can live with ... the high speed race is potentially dangerous. I do have to wear a medical holter to monitor my heart for 48 hours, including all activities. Those are none of your business, dear readers.


  1. Keep slugging... though you have a choice...

  2. I didn't say anything the last time you mentioned this, and for that I apologize. Dude, if you need the plug-in, get the da## plug-in! We haven't met yet, and I'd like to think that that may be a possibility someday. Take care man, your family and friends need you more than you feel you need to be "battery free". Later!

  3. Glad you're ok, Tim. Keep in touch man...

  4. Watch yourself, old feller. We need you to keep typing.