Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Thoughts on Friday

When are the Democrats in Congress going to grow the balls - all right that might be a bit much for the female members – get tough and tell the Republicans to go fuck themselves? This stupid proposal from Republicans to condemn MoveOn had the Dems falling over themselves, ingratiating themselves with their Republican counterparts, and blathering up wimpy excuses to those liberals they rely on to keep them in office.

Face it, the Republicans have nothing to offer. That's why they get all up in arms about MoveOn. It's a diversion. And the Dems let them do it!

Former Michael Dukakis campaign manager and now Fox News contributor, Susan Estrich, is the perfect example of the fawning, lapdog Democrat that Republicans know and love. Glenn Greenwald has a great piece on the wimps in Congress titled The Susan Estrich Complex.

My mother has made a surprise visit to Milwaukee from her home in Arkansas (great place for retirees). Taking the baby to see her, go for breakfast, and then over to a local rummage sale.


  1. Arkansas...for retirees...

    You mean, like, LOW TAXES?

    Tell your Mom to move aside. There will be a herd coming from Wisconsin in the next 2 years.

  2. Wonder Woman: Huh?

  3. Dad, do you need help packing?:)

    OS, it's just not the feds. It seems the Dems on all levels need some testicular enhancing steroids or something.

  4. Tim, WW was making a joke. You know, Kid+Rummage sale= How much for the kid?? C'mon, don't tell me your funny bone is injured! I can cure that. Just picture my face! How can you NOT laugh at that? LOL

  5. In wasn't angry at Wonder Woman, I was just confused. That happens a lot, you know.

  6. What? Who are you to talk to me on my blog!!?? Wait a minute, THIS isn't MY BLOG?? How'd I get here? Where are my slippers!? rotflmao