Sunday, August 6, 2006

Rip It Up!

Two can play at this game, though h/t to Fraley’s Daily Takes for the idea. Got to give credit where credit is due.

No lack of conservatives in action at the State Fair this year. Here is a conservative schedule of far-right events at the Republican Party booth..

August 3
Come join the KKK and learn how to cut those eyeholes in the right place so the white hood fits perfectly.

August 4
Corporate welfare. Lend a hand and fork over a few dollars … help our multi-nationals out of some tough times.

August 5
Unsure how to write in an over-the-top fashion. Members of the Badger Blog Alliance will be on hand to help you put those words to screen. Don’t expect spelling help, though.

August 6
This should be frightening. Jessica McBride sings her favorites. Visit the WTMJ booth to hear these classics …from the Boss: ”Born to Run Like my Husband Paul,” a timeless Beatles classic: “Hey Paul, my husband,” Santana: Black Magic Woman Shot in Merton,” and, of course from Elton John: “Saturday Night’s All Right for my husband Paul.”

August 7
Join Scot Jensen and ruminate about the good old days. Tour a mock up of his jail cell to be.

August 8
Steve King autograph session. Run a gauntlet of pistol-whipping thugs to get his autograph. Some fun.

August 9
Be like George W. Lobotomies done for free at the WTMJ booth.

August 10
Watch the action as Paul Bucher tours the grounds rounding up illegal aliens while giving a bull whip demonstration.

August 11
Come see Glenn Grothman and Owen Robinson as they speak to young rape victims, telling them to endeavor to persevere and explaining how Grothman and Robinson’s decision that the young mothers’ should be forced to carry the fruit of their harrowing, painful and disgusting experience really isn’t personal.

August 12
Definition of hate mail to conservatives explained. Hint: Anything written that they disagree with.

August 13
Come watch as James Wigderson, Rick Esenberg, dad29, Clint, Paddy Mac, Charlie Sykes and Owen Robinson kick off the final day of State Fair with a reasonable rendition of the Radio City Rockettes’ kick line. They’ll be hot … and bothered.


  1. I think I'll skip the last day :)

  2. Your program notes for 8/13 are a misprint.

    Corrected copy:

    Come view "How Not To Be A Rape Victim" as Owen, Chris, Dad29, and Wiggy blow innumerable holes in silhouette-targets with off-the-shelf .22LR, 9mm, .357/.38 and .45-cal pistols.

    See "Behind the Silhouette" action as various perps learn that shot placement, not bullet size, REALLY counts.

    Also learn all about ambulance-worker procedures for treatement of perps, post-mortem.

  3. What makes Fraley's funny - and not yours - is that they are based on actual events.

    Yours are just lame and gross sterotyping. The KKK and rape victims? So glad you could contribute to the dialogue...

  4. Publius, since you are one of those anonymous/blog site operators (no thought, just troll), your comments aren't worth the toilet paper used to wipe your ass.

    My contribution to the dialogue is far in excess of your pathetic tripe. I don't give a shit whether you think the comments were funny or not. I don't write for you, anyway.

    Now go away, crawl into your dark, little corner and sulk.

    Nice spelling job, you clown.

  5. What?

    You want us to offer lessons to wives and girl-chilluns?

    No problem. We'll make it part of the conversation with your dad.

  6. Huh? A little over the top, daddio.

  7. Easy on your comments to Publius, Tim, your compassionate liberalism is starting to show. I think Publius would probably rather put his name on his posts--as he's certainly not shy in person about expressing his views--but he does have to work with government officials of both parties on a daily basis and as such, would rather keep his name secret. No big deal.

    That does not preclude him from having an opinion. It would be much the same if I posted that anyone who has not run for office cannot have an opinion of politicians.

    Also, you might want to double-check your spelling of Scott Jensen's name before you criticize someone for spelling. I know his trial has cost him a lot, but I don't think he's lost a T yet.

  8. Now where did that second "T" go? Must be a conservative plot ... lol.

    I don't care about Publius. He wants to dish, that's fine. His comment is still present. Just, I can dish, too. And, I didn't like his comment.

    If he wants to comment privately, he can e-mail me. I'll involve myself in conversation with him just like I would with you. There are a number of conservative bloggers that I communicate privately with. We have cordial relationships and anything we say stays private.

  9. Tim - I thought that you "will not tolerate here is vile and vulgar name-calling"

    How long did that rule last? 3 days??

  10. Yeah, but it's my place. And besides, where is the name calling? Everything is the truth.

    But thanks for stopping by and saying nothing ... you, you, Clint!

  11. So are you not equating Conservatives with the KKK or what was this statement all about...

    "Come join the KKK and learn how to cut those eyeholes in the right place so the white hood fits perfectly."

  12. Cut it out. This was six days ago. If you want, Clint, I will go to your site and look through your archives and post EVERY single time you equated liberals or liberalism with something ridiculous. Stop being the hypocrite.

    There are other conservatives who came here and laughed ... they know I'm not being serious.

    You need to get a life, buddy! I never thought you were as thin-skinned as Chrissy.

  13. Sorry Tim, but I have a life so I don't get to visit your blog every day and follow up on your spin. That is why it has been six days.

  14. I think the definition of no life is exactly what you are doing. You come back here after six days to make innocuous comments.

    Come to think of it ... I'm meeting those prerequisites. Good grief.

    Can we not just agree to let it go? Or do you really want to continue in this vein?