Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Horror

Is it possible for the Wall Street Journal and conservative in general to be this out of touch. This graphic (h/t Mother Jones) adorned a story a couple weeks ago detailing fiscal cliff tax increases.

Apparently it's commonplace (in their minds) that single women with two kids making in excess of $250,000 a year actually exist. Really. I'd like to know what planet they live on and whether they're dating. I'd get my friend Julian Who, to take me there.

And oh that sorry family with four kids whose father makes in excess of $650,000 a year. I feel heartbroken for them. They might actually have to cut out a trip overseas, sell one of their five cars and slice their vacation homes in half from four. Sadness percolates out my tear ducts.

And how about the artwork? Good grief could they have made them any more pathetic looking? Too bad the heartstrings they try to pull only work on a privileged few and the editors at WSJ.

And maybe Fred Dooley.

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