Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chewbacca's Brother Sets the Record Straight

Chewbacca Bozell’s little brother, L., still hasn't graduated from playground taunts. This was demonstrated in a letter he wrote to CNN host Piers Morgan regarding CNN's and the other librul media's coverage of Rush Limbaugh's 453rd gaffe. Basically, his letter can be boiled down to this: “Neener-neener you got no wiener”.

Whew. Why, you may ask, does L. resort to such childish playground retorts. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because of a recessive conservative gene. Maybe it's because the kids in his neighborhood once tied him to a tree and left him. Nobody likes a tattletail.

Anyway, L.'s defense of the indefensible Limbaugh centers around this: Rushie-pooh has apologized why doesn’t the liberal media go after Bill Maher? I’ll let you read the self-aggrandizing letter yourself. But before you leave at Intertube speed, here is part of an opinion piece CNN contributor David Frum wrote regarding the attempts by L. to cleanup what Limbaugh barfed.

Most fundamentally, why the impulse to counter one outrageous stunt by rummaging through the archives in search of some supposedly offsetting outrageous stunt? Why not respond to an indecent act on its own terms, and then -- if there's another indecency later -- react to that too, and on its own terms?

Instead, public life is reduced to a revenge drama. Each offense is condoned by reference to some previous offense by some undefined "them" who supposedly once did something even worse, or anyway nearly as bad, at some point in the past.

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