Sunday, January 14, 2007

Conservative Values (er, lies)

Only in Texas, and the homes, presumably, of many conservative voters in Wisconsin (like dad29, Owen Robinson and Tom Reynolds). Weird science.


  1. I believe that Owen does not oppose "gay adoption."

    I do.

  2. I was referring to those with anti-gay postures, though you are probably right about Owen. It was late.

    I'm curious as to why you oppose gay adoption.

  3. Simple.

    It ain't Right Order. You know--Adam and Eve...

    You're intelligent enough to understand that that position is NOT some sort of homophobic screed, and it's not.

    It's a matter of What Is.

  4. Actually, it is a matter of what you believe as in your faith. And that is something you can change, if you choose.

  5. No--just like 'gay "marriage"', it's a matter of nature.

    Some things are simply un-natural. Like walking on your hands....

    The fact that ALL the great world religions' "rules" comport with Nature is not an accident, nor a matter of "belief."

    Try "un-believing" in gravity, for example.

  6. So, then I am led to believe that you are of the faction that says being homosexual is a choice, and it can be cured.

    Much like conservatism. And, the voters provide the cure when the wool is finally lifted from their eyes.

  7. Nope. I never said it was a "choice," or could be "cured."

    Some do--and they are credentialed.

    On the other hand, I don't believe that it is genetic, or "hardwired." That theory has never been proven, either.

  8. If it is not a choice and it is not hardwired ... then what is the cause (rhetorical question)?

    If it is not a choice, then it must, in some way, be a part of the scheme ... natural. Is allowing them their little piece of the pie so very wrong?

  9. It's apparently a behaviorally-learned thing at least partially due to the nature of the parents and their interplay.

    But that's not the issue, of course.

    The issue is whether one has the license to stick it wherever and whenever. I'm sure your wife has an opinion about whether you have that license...

    And we maintain that what is contrary to nature should not be done.

  10. So really then, your issue is not with people being gay, it's with the act of insertion.