Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Essential McIlheran

New York Times book reviewer, Orville Prescott, in “ A Literary Personality,” said of Faulkner’s style:

The famous Faulkner style was more than many could put up with. Its marathon sentences, its peculiar words used peculiarly, its turgid incoherence and its thick viscosity repelled.

He could just as easily been describing the dense, gooey discourse of a Patrick McIlheran column.

We at the Other Side appreciate the difficulty inherent in perusing the screwed up word play of a McIlheran piece. So, the authors of Mindless Automaton (a simplification of that which is named McBride), in the spirit of providing healing to those who have been caught in the sticky, oily web of McIlheran profundity offer the Essential McIlheran.

-- Working for Change

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