Thursday, March 9, 2006

From Where I Sit a Great Site

I was sitting at my desk doing a little surfing during that two-hour period between dropping off and picking the kids up from school, and wound up at a blog titled From Where I Sit.

Fascinating site and some excellent thoughts from the fictional Elliot, the site commander, and those who visit and comment. I especially liked the religious word battles. I'll set up my permanent link to that site and visit it often.

Read the first chapter of The Abortionist, written by Michael Caughill (Elliot is a character from this story). I would like to do something like that...have thought about it for years and perhaps this will provide the impetus for it...gotta say though, don't like the over the top premise. Hmmm, maybe I could write something like the "Over the Top Anti-Abortionist."

The woman woke to find she was naked and chained to a wall. The letter A had been painted on her left breast in black. She saw herself in a reflection from the sunglasses that a man wore who was sitting across from her. She could not see his eyes. He was sitting in a high back chair. He was dressed all in black...shirt, belt, pants and jack boots (polished to a high sheen). All black.

She shivered and in a frightened voice asked where she was.

"You will carry your child to term, " was all the man said.

"But I was raped."

"You will carry your child to term," he repeated.

There was no inflection in his voice. Pure monotone, low, evil and black.

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  1. The first chapter is definitely over the top, but as a whole the book is actually pretty balanced.

    It isn't pro-life or pro-choice propaganda.

    That's actually the main reason I've had such a hard time finding a publisher for it.

    If it were pro-life, I could probably get it published by a Christian press.

    If it were pro-choice, general publishers wouldn't be so nervous about it.

    But I refuse to oversimplify what I think is the most complicated collision of values in America.

    Otherwise, thanks for the kind words.