Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Conservative Hypocrisy at its Finest

Hat tip to Xoff for this link to Bob Dohnal, ranter extraordinaire and publisher of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest. Below is just a slice of Dohnal’s reasoned discussion style (bold face mine).
Just prior to the founding of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest and it’s
website, “widigest.com”, Ed Garvey, a perennial liberal candidate for office
had founded “Fighting Bobfest”. This liberal hate-fest attracts a considerable number of wild-eyed leftwing activists to hear speakers disparage conservatives and their representatives in office with an incredible amount of vitriol. After reading the news articles depicting the antics of “Fighting Bobfest” I thought; “Boy if you gather a few nuts in one place you sure can attract a lot of squirrels.” It was this debacle that initiated the concept of a conservative conference built on positive discussion about solving problems in Wisconsin, rather than mindlessly lash out at liberals.
The last line is classic hypocrisy…Hmmm, no vitriol there. The families of anyone who would consider contributing to this site have got to be concerned for their sanity…or not.

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