Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Where He Sits Over There

I met Elliot about two years ago at one of the first blogger functions. It was held at Marquette University and had as panelists Charlie Sykes, Jessica McBride, Ed Garvey and some flack named Brain Fraley. Mike Mathias and I joined up with James Wigderson at the local Starbucks, exchanged pleasantries and talked behind Elliot's back for at least an hour.

No, we really didn't.

I met Elliot's alter ego later during one of the breaks. Interesting guy. I mentioned I had read his on-line first chapter of "The Abortionist" and thought it dark. I wrote my own -- needless to say an anti "The Abortionist" tale. Elliot thought it pretty good. Or, he was just being nice.

Seriously, Elliot is one of the friendlier bloggers in SE Wisconsin. He's a partisan guy but with sense of humor. And he's not so quick to tell you to go buy a mirror store like a certain blogger I won't name who owns an unlimited supply of whiteout.

So here you are, Elliot. I won't do this for everyone, but then hey, you're not just anyone to me.

*Breaks out into song.*

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